Thank you for your support!

On behalf of the entire staff at The Mason Jar, I would like to thank you for your support of our locally owned restaurant—not only during the holiday season, but throughout the year.

No one could have anticipated the challenges that the world faced this year. We watched announcements of restaurants closing across the region and across the country. Unlike big chains with national name recognition and big dollars, the success of locally-owned restaurants depend on the support of the local community to keep our doors open. As a new restaurant in the region, The Mason Jar celebrated our first anniversary just as the governor ordered us to close our dining room in April.

We are so grateful for our loyal customers. We appreciate every single order—every carry-out order, every person that dined in or sat on our patio, every drink order, every catering order and every gift certicate purchased. You allowed us to bring back our entire staff when we were allowed to re-open our dining room. Their was nothing better than seeing their smiling eyes—even if their faces were covered with protective masks!

Dozens of employees—everyone from wait staff to bar staff to kitchen staff—kept their jobs because of our loyal customers’ support. Financially, that support trickles out to our food suppliers, our wine distributors, our beer delivery drivers, our coffee supplier, our landscapers and other local vendors who depend on us to keep their local businesses running!

We celebrate our success this year, not by profit margines, but with the fact that our doors are open, we have a great staff made up of local residents and AMAZING CUSTOMERS that have supported us throughout this 2020.

CHEERS to 2021! We look forward to a new year, old friends and new, great food and continued success. THANKS to YOU!

Jo Ellen Jostes,
Director of Operations at The Mason Jar

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