Share photos of your kids and families enjoying The Mason Jar.

This cutie LOVES The Mason Jar. She celebrated her birthday with us. Her grandma sent us this photo. She’s our first contest entry!

We want to encourage other guests to post their pictures of their kids/families/friends enjoying the Mason Jar! Post your photo at the restaurant this month and tag “The Mason Jar Lowell” on Facebook. (Tagging a page in an update is easy. Type @ and then start typing the page you want to tag. For example, if you want to tag The Mason Jar, start typing @themasonjarlowell, and Facebook displays a list of pages for you to choose from.) You can also send the photo to us for us to post for you. We know everyone isn’t tech savvy!

Take a selfie, have someone take your photo or use our fun selfie frame at the restaurant! Whether your entire family is enjoying a family dinner or your kids are enjoying a kids meal, we want to see your photos!

If this is a hit with our fans, we’ll ask for other fun photos in upcoming months: date night photos, girls night out, guys night out, business meetings and more.

When we receive the notification from Facebook that you tagged us, we’ll put your name in a drawing to win a $25 gift certificate to the restaurant. We may even use your photos in future promotional posts! The drawing for the gift certificate will take place April 1st.

The name of the person who posts the photo—or the person private messaging it to us—will win the gift certificate. One entry per visit, please. (We welcome you to post several photos, but it will count as one submission.) If you visit once a week, post a photo each time to be entered several times.

Employees and vendors of The Mason Jar are not eligible to win, but are welcome to submit photos.

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