A note from our Director of Operations.

Dear Friends,   The Mason Jar is busy—and growing. 

People are eating meals out, joining friends at the bar for drinks, enjoying live music and gathering with friends and family after a long year.   2020 events were postponed, leaving people with the need for time to celebrate life. Like many of you, our staff members have weddings, vacations, and family reunions they NEED to attend. They need to take vacations. Yes, it’s necessary. Being able to let our team take time off makes them happier—and they deserve it after the past year. (Everyone deserves a life outside of of work. Even though The Mason Jar is a fun place to work, we work to live—not live to work.)  

The Mason Jar is busier than we have ever been. It’s summer and we have a beautiful, expanded patio. We offer live music on weekends—and many have missed live performances. While it’s a FANTASTIC problem to be busy, we want our guests to be served with the high standard we set when we opened and our team to feel supported. That’s why we are hiring. We are adding servers, bartenders, kitchen help, host/hostesses and dishwashers so we can handle traffic flow. We are hiring so staff can take days off and offer the exceptional service our guests expect.  

So, if you’ve read this far and you’re interested in working at a great restaurant, apply today. High schoolers (must be at least 16), college students who are staying local for school, recent graduates, retired folks any age. We are hiring!   We would love to add more smiling faces to our quickly growing team. Apply in person at 241 N. Liberty in Lowell. Print the application from our website.    

–Jo Ellen Jostes, Director of Operations 219.225.5222

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