Order Christmas Dinner from The Mason Jar.

Let The Mason Jar handle Christmas dinner for you. Choose from roasted turkey or smoked ham. The dinner comes with eight side dishes and your choice of dessert: pumpkin pie, apple pie or bread pudding. Serve four guests for $75 or eight guests for $150. Order by December 20th at 7 p.m. Pick up yourContinue reading “Order Christmas Dinner from The Mason Jar.”

Order Thankgsgiving dinner from The Mason Jar.

Are you ready to face the crowds at the grocery store? How many different stores will you need to go to in order to find the ingredients you need? Skip the crowded stores and let The Mason Jar handle cooking Thanksgiving Dinner for you! Each meat option includes 10 to 12 pounds of turkey orContinue reading “Order Thankgsgiving dinner from The Mason Jar.”

The Mason Jar offers gluten-free bread.

The Mason Jar now offers gluten-free bread! Order any of our sandwiches that aren’t fried as a gluten-free option: Hot Ham & Cheese, Brisket Philly, Pulled Pork Slaw, Turkey BLT, MJ Italian Beef or a burger! Please be sure to tell your waiter/waitress you need a gluten-free option to avoid certain sauces/condiments.

Endless Salad Bar temporarily suspended.

In an abundance of caution to protect our guests and staff, we are suspending our salad bar as of 11/16/20. We know it’s a popular menu item and are sorry to have to discontinue it for now. With many hands touching the serving spoons, it’s just too risky with rising COVID numbers. We’ll gladly serveContinue reading “Endless Salad Bar temporarily suspended.”